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Website Optimisation

At SEO we optimise websites not just to gain search engine traffic, but to increase conversion.

Website optimisation to increase search engine traffic begins with putting yourself in the shoes of a potential user or customer, what are they going to type in when they search? Finding and understanding what these keywords are is the foundation of your optimisation campaign. Once you have your list sort the keys into groups, and then make sure you have content for each of these. The next step is to ensure you have appropriate meta data for the keys you are targeting. The page title, meta description and page headings (H1 tag) are the key components. Building a sitemap is important as search engines love sitemaps!

All this needs to be tied in with your sites information architecture, that is how does someone navigate your site and find the info they are looking for? Finding information should be easy and the less clicks it takes to get there the better. Of course the way the website is constructed is very important also, remember search engines look at the code of the page and keep text copies of it. Building your site so it is search engine friendly is crucial, things likes avoiding frames, not using flash (except as elements), excessive coding, building pages using CSS instead of tables and making sure search engine spiders can follow your sites navigation links all add up to a top search ranking web site.

Of course your pages and content need to be clear and have obvious calls to action on them. Think about what you want people to do on each page; is it to pick up the phone and call your 1800 number? or fill in application form? Pages need to Sell if you want them to Convert! You will come across the short or long copy argument across the internet. What really matters is what works, certainly the more you connect with a user the closer they will be to buying or interacting with you.

If you follow all of these guidelines you will see a long term increase in traffic to your web pages and more sales.

We at SEO have been in the online business for many years now, some of us since 1994, a year before the world wide web went public, so we can bring a wealth of experience to the table to ensure your website optimisation really gets you results.

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