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SEO Consulting, Search Engine Marketing Specialists

Professional search engine advice for achieving online success;

SEO's offers a Custom Consulting and Advisory Program, tailoring this program to meet each client?s particular objectives. We can develop your online marketing strategy, drawing on our experience running a wide range of campaigns, delivering quality targeted traffic.

If you would like professional advice when designing or redeveloping your web presence, then a SEO consultant can assist and advice on best practice & optimisation. Ensuring your site is search engine friendly and that for example; the search engine spiders can read and index your content. At SEO we have optimised sites of all sizes and structure from small 20 page sites to those database driven and very complex. Our experience will ensure the success of your online business and make sure that all angles are considered.

We can also assist you develop and implement your online marketing and search engine marketing campaigns. For your SEM (search engine marketing)n campaigns we can work on hourly rate or you can buy a block of time e.g. 10 hours for a fixed fee.

This service oftens works hand in hand with our site audit service, providing detailed analysis of your site from a search engine perspective and delivering actionable outcomes. We will advise and recommend strategy and modifications to help your business achieve top rankings.

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1. For Top Rankings
Optimise My Existing Site (from $500/month)
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I Need a New Optimised Site (min. $2,500 + $250/month)
I Need an SEO Consultant (from $250/hour)
2. For Pay-Per-Click Ads
Setup a New PPC Campaign (Get $500 Free Clicks!)
Review My PPC Campaign (from $250/hour)
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3. For Better Conversion
Build Better Landing Pages (from $250/page)
Well-Written PPC Text Ads (from $250/hour)
Buy My Golden Keywords (from $1,000/month)
4. For Agencies
Optimise Our Website  
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